Sunday, April 22nd 2018, 4:21 pm EDT
  • Scattered showers pushed into the Tri-State this afternoon, but so far most of the rain has stayed in Western Kentucky and portions of Indiana and Illinois south of I-64. That will change tonight.

    The center of the low pressure system bringing us this rain will move northeast into Tennessee and near the southern border of Kentucky. As it pushes farther north, so will the rain. That means these showers will become more widespread through the overnight hours. Low temperatures will be in the mid 50s.

    The rain will continue into Monday morning, so many of you will be looking at a soggy morning commute. However, as that low pressure system moves farther east throughout the day on Monday, the rain will become more scattered. High temperatures will be in the mid 60s.

    In total, most locations south of I-64 will see about 1-1.5” of rain with the highest totals farther south into Western Kentucky. North of I-64 will probably pick up 0.5-1” of rain. I don’t expect any major changes to the river stages, but some flooding in low-lying, flood-prone areas and along small creeks and streams is possible.

    A few scattered showers may linger into Tuesday, and we have a slight chance of rain on Wednesday as well due to a weak frontal system.

    There is another slight chance of rain late Thursday night into Friday as another weak cold front moves through, but right now the weekend looks dry.

    High temperatures will be in the mid 60s for most of the week, but it looks like we will see a slight warmup as we head into next weekend.


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Arden Gregory